Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kicked out of School at 10 Months!!!

Ben's preschool teachers love him. One said they would cry and wear black the day he graduated to the next room which would have been in September. Today his head teacher came to me and said "Jenn you know how much we adore Ben, however he is too active for this room. He is so active and tears the room apart. He is also a safety risk to the babies younger then himself as he will climb on top of the excersaucer on top of the baby in it! I looked around as he poked his head up grinning at me while throwing toys off the shelf left and right. We laughed and I agreed. Ben is officially in the toddler program (even though he is a current wannabe toddler...he is going to take off any day now I suspect!)

1 comment:

brandenandrobin said...

ahh Ben, gonna be such an even larger handful once he gets walking!! make sure to keep all your advice handy for me for when Jack gets there.

(and look I added to your 6 comments)

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