Monday, June 23, 2008

10 facts for 10 months!

It's the time again! We are getting closer and closer to the big 0-1!!!

1- Ben is having tantrums. Full out kicking, screaming, thrashing, headbanging mortifying to his helpless mother tantrums. These can be caused by something as simple as shutting the fridge door.

2- Ben has a favorite book. It is a peek a boo baby book that has pictures of real babies and you can lift the flap to play peek aboo with them. In a pile of books in his room he will always get this one and cry when I want to read another one (we read it 20 times then in order to steer him as far away as possible from fact number 1!)

3- He thinks he can walk. He takes his hands off of things and then loses his balence crashing down. This imaginary ability of his unfortnatly explains the goose egg on his forehead, the fat lip and the cut on his head. Soon Ben...soon!

4- He loves toy balls and cars.

5- He loves to play in water of any kind and will do so as long as we permit (which is until he is so prunny we have to risk number 1)

6-He loves to scream at people at then he lauphs and lauphs.

7- Ben can't eat much but what he can he LOVES. He sits with his mouth open and waits for you to shovel food into as fast as you can.

8- He likes to kiss himself in the mirror

9- He sleeps through the night for twelve hours and naps for three hours in the afternoon, making up for the torture he put us through a few months ago (I am still haunted by his hourly wakings...)

10- He is becoming so much more of himself now. We love to see the "Ben" coming out more and more each day!

I love you Ben !

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brandenandrobin said...

number 9 gives me hope! hahaha

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