Thursday, April 10, 2008

Velcro baby

I have not been writing lately because not much is happening... mainly because Ben's development has stalled. This is because he cannot do anything when he is stuck on stronger then velcro to my left hip. Any place other then this spot is cause for instant hysterics. He is extremly frustrated with his struggle to be mobile and I think has adopted me as his personal escort. He will not let anyone else hold him if I am within eye sight and the only rest I get is naptime and meal time (he will happily plunk his bum in a high chair so long as food is being shoveled into his mouth).
I love that he loves to be with me as I know he will never need me this much again and the musceles in my forearms will never again be this big.

I remember the ache in my empty arms when I wanted him so badly so the ache his constant body weight causes is no cause for complaint.

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