Thursday, April 10, 2008

At Odds Over Dinner

I am ashamed to admit that as my baby turns eight months old this month I am still wearing maternity clothes. I am proud to admit that I have finally reached rock bottom and am reaching out for help in the form of a very strict diet called Dr. Bernstein's. It is essentially a starvation diet of 600-800 calories a day where your body stays in a continual state of fat burning (or ketosis...I took notes during orientation). This is not something of course one would ever attempt on their own and I am closely monitored by a medical team. I have urine analysis every other day and blood work every two weeks as well as a meeting with the doctor. I receive vitamin injections and supplements and on day 11 have honestly never felt better or had more energy (with a current weight loss of 10 Ibs). I should loose 20 Ibs a month. My goal weight- one of which is only months away is a number I have not seen since I was about 14. I can't wait to get there! I have been getting some comments such as "that can't possibly be heathy" and "don't the shots hurt?!" My response to both is being sixty pounds overweight is more unhealthy and the shots are a lot less painful then an hour at the gym is!

Jon read the "how to be a supportive family member" section of my book and is trying to do so. I think he is happy though because his nutrition obsessed wife is on vacation while I am trying to stay on my eating plan. We generally do not have junk food in the house and we do not eat fast food. (I gained so much weight from eating too much good stuff... such as 6 apples in one sitting for example...) I have basically given J the green light to feed himself whatever he wants so long as I don't have to be tempted to cheat by preparing it. He had pizza last night and tonight was shocked that I bought him hot dogs and chips ( don't get me started on the evils of the hot dog...) at the grocery store. While we were eating dinner we couldn't help but notice the polar opposites of our meals.

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