Monday, April 28, 2008

New Addition

Our new addition this week is another great purchase from my favorite classified site called KIJIJI where I buy pretty much everything! It is my fifth stroller. This is excessive I know! Each however serves a critical purpose.
1- umbrella stroller- good for airplane trips that we have yet to go on but for $5 it was worth buying to hang on to.
2- Graco Mosaic mall stroller and take to gramma's stroller- basically the name is self explanatory. It is my fold up single stroller.
3- Way over priced single to double conversion jogging stroller- This is the crowning glory of the stroller fleet. By extremely expensive I mean we could also have bought a small used car for the same price that we paid for this stroller (I didn't say a nice one...). I think of it as an investment!
4- a double graco stroller that I keep in the trunk to put two of the four kids in when we go to the Early Years Center in the mornings.
5- The bike trailer that also converts to a stroller (and has a trunk!!)- This is the newest one and is handy since we have committed to biking everywhere considering the price of gas lately. Plus... Ben really likes it:)

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