Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eight Facts for Eight Months

Ben is eight months today!!!

1- No one is quite sure what color his eyes are, they are blue sometimes green but not completely either of those colours.

2- Our folliclly challenged little boy is growing lots of hair now.

3- He loves to play clapping games (and he flaps his hands together...very funny!)

4- his favorite foods are squash, carrots and pears.

5- If you say no to Ben he will look away and do it anyway, I think he thinks if he isn't looking then neither are you!

6- Bayley has let Ben touch him twice now- each time met with squeals of delight... promptly scaring him away.

7- Ben weighs over 20 pounds now and wears 12 month clothes.

8- He loves to give (violent) hugs and kisses and eats my face.

9 months ... here we come!

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