Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Own Personal Miracle

Ben has always been a difficult sleeper. We have found temporary success through different methods along the way however nothing has lasted until... the AMBY bed, otherwise known as the answer to our prayers. It is a baby hammock used in Europe in childcare centers and hospital nurseries. It is a cozy hammock that hugs the baby and sways them back to sleep when the movements of their stirring begin to wake them so they never really reach consciousness through the night unless they are hungry. It can be manually bounced and swayed as well so he falls asleep and is soothed back to sleep in it rather then being rocked and nursed to sleep over and over each night; the bad habit we had adopted. Ben has now been sleeping through the night waking only once or twice (down from 8!) to eat and naps for three glorious hours each afternoon in it! I am recommending this little contraption as the best piece of baby equipment ever to anyone even thinking of having a baby! We will certainly have a better experience sleep wise next time around I think. The best part is that he can sleep in it until he is 2!

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