Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tony Braxton Contractions

Well I finally had my first little taste of what labour may feel like. After an entire pregnancy of not having one little cramp I had a bad case of Braxton Hicks (or Tony Braxton's as my dad dubbed them) on Sunday. Ohhhh that was a shock. I was not expecting it to be quite that painful and I know that was nothing! In response to this sneak peek I have thrown my all natural birth plan out the window. I previously had images of an earth mother birth. I would tolerate any and all pain with meditation and breathing and cling to the strength of womanhood during this rite of passage...HA! I have decided now that the image of little B's birth will more accurately consist of any and all of the strongest narcotics available to me. Bring on the Demerol, gas, and anything else that will leave us both without any long term side effects. In fact I may ask to get my epidural today just as a precaution, I like to plan ahead!

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