Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bayley (aka our failed parenting experiment)

"I only hope to one day become as great as my dog thinks I am"

As promised here is Bayley's Blog...

We got Bayley from the humane society last summer. We saw him and fell in love with him- what a great dog he was (please note past tense). We told people how we won the dog lottery with this one. Bayley was a quiet, sweet, affectionate house and crate trained dog who didn't shed or exhibit any annoying traits. He was the perfect size and fit for our mini family. We even refered to one another as his "mummy and daddy" (yes we are THOSE people).

Our first mistake came in the form of bringing our new puppy dog to the pet store to pick out all his own toys, leash and bowls. (future note- dogs do not need to go shopping, especially to pick out their own accessories). Thus began the spoiling of the perfect dog.

Our second mistake was lasting a total of 5 min when he cried out for us in the night in his cold dark crate. He has been in our bedroom ever since complete with gigantic pillow top dog bed (future note- the dogs bed should not be more comfortable then your own).

Our third mistake was letting him own the house. Bayley has "his" chair, spot on the couch and barks to alert us that it is treat time, he also prefers to drink from a water glass while you hold it for him. Bayley has a seat belt since he goes with us most places, he is of the opinion that if it is not dog friendly we have no business being there in the first place.

(future note- dogs of the past lived in dog houses, ate table scraps and were lucky to receive a pat on the head- they did just fine).

It should come as no surprise then, that a few months into our adventures of pet parenting that our perfect little dog started to drive us nuts. Bayley had become (with good reason of course) a bossy little brat! We wanted our sweet little dog back! The dog who was so grateful for our rescue had quickly become quite entitled to his new life of luxury outside a humane society cage and instead of lapping up our attention he now butted our hand until we pet him. He will only poop when walked (even though Jon spent a weekend last summer building a deck with a grassy area ESPECIALLY for Bayley, for this purpose that he has not once used). He is also very picky about where he will and will not relieve himself and will spend a good 5 minutes in the pouring rain finding just the perfect spot to deposit .5 oz of urine.

Bayley also has some pet peeves that we must always be on the look out for....

1- thunder storms

2- fireworks


4-room temperature water (he prefers ice water...)


6-big trucks

7-hot air balloons

8- his arch nemesis- A pug named Adelia who lives down the not to walk him when she is out...

Bayley has some favorite things as well, used to pacify him when we have exposed him to one of the above...

1- corn on the cob



4- tummy rubs

5- fleece dog toys that he sucks on like a pacifier

6- milk bone dog treats

7-Denta bones

8-car rides

So now our pampered little pooch barks constently, pulls his leash, sneaks into our bed at night, demands treats, petting and car rides and generally forces us to revolve around him...

What we receive in return is a dog who is so happy to see us when we come home that his whole body shakes with happiness- A dog who will lay with you for an entire day when you have the flu and look at you with genuine sympathy-A dog who makes us laugh so hard we cry- A dog who has more personality then most people do- A dog that is fiercely protective of his mommy and lays over her stomach when people try to feel the (his) baby kick- A dog who defines what it feels like to be truly and unconditionally loved... and of course we love him right back!

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