Monday, July 9, 2007

Finding the Joy in the Journey

Last June, J had just started a new company I was working and just about to graduate and we were in the final stages of wedding planning and preparing to move into our new house (we like to pack major life events together like that it seems). I would have thought that nothing could be as overwhelming as last summer...well I have been proven wrong. This year I am starting a new business, we are having a baby and we are moving to a new house next week. Any one of these things would prove to be daunting but not for us as we like to keep our life on fast forward... JUST having a baby wouldn't be sufficient, we have to throw all these other fun things on top of it.

Fortunately in our practice run last year I learned a few things. Primarily that I wished myself through a lot of really great moments. Instead of enjoying graduating university I hurried through it to get to the wedding, which I hurried through to get to our new house, which I hurried through to get to our honeymoon...and then it was all over. I had been so busy focusing on what was to come that I forgot to enjoy what was here.
I am not making that mistake this time. I am trying to prioritize my excitement... I am going to enjoy these last days of pregnancy WHILE I eagerly anticipate the new house and try not to worry too much about not having everything organized for my September daycare start. The excitement surrounding B will take precedence of course and if his room is still pink when he comes home so be it... if the house is full of boxes and the daycare room is not close to being ready, so be it. I am not worrying or hurrying...just enjoying the ride!

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