Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Retraction and a Request...

The retraction...

You may remember a few blogs ago when I said I was not quite ready to finish this pregnancy... well in the midst of our 43 degree humidex yesterday it hit me. I am done! I am more then done... not to rant but... I am swollen and tired, I can't breath, sit, lay down, climb stairs, eat, sleep or think straight- I am done now! (Ben are you listening??) It has been a lovely experience and... one that I would like to end now.

The request...

When someone who is nine months pregnant complains to you about ANYTHING- whether it be the heat, her size or her lack of ankles please do not respond with:

1- "well, it will all be worth it".
It is amazing how many times I have heard this, and how each time gets more irritating (this would be filed under Major Annoyances). When you respond to a simple complaint with this response it insinuates that the whinny pregnant woman (WPW) is saying her unborn child was not worth her water retention or her heartburn. This certainly is not true, most WPW feel he was worth this and more, and would do this for him 100 times over, but would still be cranky!

2-" I understand". Unless you have been pregnant with this child on this day you do not understand.

3- "well my aunt (sister, mother, friend, co worker) also had leg cramps (constipation, back aches, hormone headaches, reflux) and she used *insert tried and true remedy here*. "
WPW do not want your advice so much as (lets be honest here...) your sympathy. we just want someone to acknowledge our discomfort and sacrifice not try to fix it.

4- "That's normal". Well this might seem like a very reassuring comment the WPW is not questioning whether or not her symptoms are normal (you can assume that said whinny pregnant woman has googled this symptom before hand). By saying this you are minimizing this symptom because while its "normal" it is still very unpleasant.

Appropriate responses would be... "it's almost over", "your doing such a great job", "you've been so strong", "your baby is lucky to have a mother like you" and when you aren't sure what to say "your beautiful" always seems to work for J.

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