Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If They Are So Great...

Grammie was over for a visit and while watching an episode of Ben's favorite show; Little Bear, when a pullups commercial came on. Ben had adamantly refused to have anything to do with toileting in any capacity and will politely request a diaper change instead at regular intervals during the day. He seems to have is own ideas and timeline for most things so this, like the bath strike is not something we are choosing to make issue with. Grammie thought she may use this commercial opportunity however to approach the topic with him. As she treaded on this delicate subject she said,
"oh Ben, do you know what those are"?
"They are pull up diapers you can put on yourself. Would you like some?"
"They are really nice..."
"Than YOU wear them".

The end.

1 comment:

Cher said...

hahaha!! hilarious!

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