Sunday, June 6, 2010

"But I Am A Goat"

We went to a local park that has some animals to look at. Ben loves animals and we expected him to be entertained by this bonus attraction that most public parks don't offer. We should know by now of course to never try to predict a reaction from him as it is usually what we don't expect. Sure enough he wanted to sit on the rocks rather than play on the playground or watch the animals he can't find in his backyard and watch the baby ducks.

Likely his interest lapsed because the park did not offer goats. He has been interested in goats much as one can be "into" such a barnyard animal I suppose... usually it is funny when he munches paper (it started when Jon told him goats eat everything and he fed them grass at the market a few weeks ago) and the side of the table. It was not cute however earlier today when I felt a sharp bite on my backside while I was making dinner. I screamed and whipped around to quickly pick up the offending owner of the mouth that bit me.


I rarely yell at Ben (unless I get an unexpected chunk taken out of my butt... and forget self control of course...) so he quickly sobbed and clung to me. He was crying too hard for me to make out what he was saying. I was feeling sufficiently guilty for snapping at him no matter how justifiably when I felt that much worse when I caught his little hiccupy voice,

"I was just *hiccup* being a little goat...*hiccup*"

mmmm. For the sake of Mommy's rear end we may lay off the petting zoo's this summer.
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