Saturday, June 19, 2010


Jacob is in the awkward stage, of having an attention span of 13 seconds before he wants to move onto something else or at the very least change positions. With an insatiable curiosity and frustration at having little control over his physical capabilities but lots of ideas about what he would like to do I am glad I have done this once before and have three key pieces of baby equipment ready...The ERGO baby carrier is a wonderful tool to have him in my arms...without being in my arms so I can still do what needs done. The bumbo is perfect for baking and cooking assistance...(No grammie...I never leave him on the table when he isn't in arms reach...put down the phone) and finally...the tool of desperation- the is suppose to be fun but he flips around the toys with annoyance as he sulks and humors me when I, heaven forbid need to use the washroom. I can't wait until he can crawl, Ben got significantly more satisfaction from life when he became mobile, I am hoping the same for Jacob. Granted he is a pretty happy go lucky guy but lately he does seem frustrated with his lack of ability...thus the awkward stage.

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