Friday, June 18, 2010

The Clunker

Jon is generally easy going, soft spoken, laid back...but if you want to see him jump up and down, pump the air, shout and squeal, but him in front of a car race. If you want to see him grin from ear to ear, take him to a car show. This is a man who loves cars! New ones, old ones, fast ones, classic ones...and thrilled to his ears that his little boys are budding car enthusiasts. The first thing Ben says when he is playing with a toy car is "I need to see the engine"! Yup. This is a car loving family.

Our driveway then...well it is a sad sight.

Jon must cringe somewhere inside when he leaves in the morning as he surveys his options. There is the dented 2007 silver dodge caravan. You know the one...there is usually one on either side of you in any parking lot. The second option is a 1999 Pontiac Grand prix. It has half the door missing on the driver's side and it is in need of a new...well, everything. It does however, get him from home to work which is only about a five minute drive.

Jon lent it to someone a few days ago and they commented on its condition upon returning it.

"My car is a clunker". Jon said sadly to me.

"I know, honey. But why would we spend money that we don't have right now on a new car for you when it would only be used a total of ten minutes a day"?

"Because it would make me feel incredible".

Here- yet another sacrifice our amazing Daddy has made. He works so hard for us every day and takes himself, the car loving super dad, to work each day in a rusting heap of metal so that we can drive in safety and comfort in the newer vehicle that is still far from his dream car.

So if anyone wanted to get our little ol Daddy a father's day gift that would make him feel incredible...let me know (here is a hint...a 2010 dodge challenger would make him faint)- he deserves it.

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