Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Snail

A snail somehow got into our house. Evidently there are a series of steps one may go through having discovered something so extraordinarily fascinating and exciting. First there is disbelief.

"Mommy is it a WEAL snail?"

Second comes fascination, as demonstrated by the 15 minutes he crouched on the steps watching the snail slowly make it's way to the door (leaving a trail of slime...I forgot they did that but restrained my urge to toss it out the door).

The third step is acceptance followed by encouragement.

"You can do it "wittle snail, keep crawling. See Mommy Him's DOING it"!

finally the bond is formed.

"Mommy I fink he woves me".

We kept him for a few days until Jon convinced him he would be happier in the garden. I have a feeling this summer will introduce more members to this family.


The Watts said...
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The Watts said...

I had the same thing happen a few days ago, only with a fly in the house. I never knew that a fly buzzying around could be so entertaining. Unfortunately I think its still here.

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