Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 Months

Jacob Jacob Jacob... you didn't kept right on growing...especially in the upper thigh area where you have sprouted some additional rolls that I that part is okay I suppose...otherwise, okay okay I give up...keep on growing, you are doing so well at it. I just wish my head would stop spinning so I could take one stage in before your off to the next.

1- Other than being incredibly happy and quick to smile you are now realising that you can make others smile by making raspberry noises and trying to stick out your tongue...or that flashing one of your up and coming famous grins generally gets you one in return pretty fast from anyone in the near by vicinity.

2- You are an "IT" factor baby...there are some babies who are like a magnet to ...everyone! And you, baby Jakey are one of them. There is something quite irresistible about you to not only those who share genetic credit but to the general population as well. You stop people in their tacks everywhere we go so they can smile, ogle and compliment you. We had our kitchen painted a few weeks ago by a woman and a man with poor English from Macedonia. While I was getting Ben's shoes on he went over to check you out in your carrier on the floor. You of course reigned him in with a series of practiced coos and smiles. He was smitten with you and delighted in taking a few more moments to make you laugh. He turned to me, with one of your dimpled hands in his,

"Please, may I kiss him?"

"uh...sure." I said as he gently kissed your hand.

I think there would be more requests for kisses if doing so to strangers babies wasn't more socially acceptable here; there is something deliciously edible about you. Since I am your mother however I get to take a nibble whenever I please... your cheeks are permanently pink to show for it!

3- you roll from stomach to back (with no help from tummy time I might add...I just put you down a couple of days ago and you rolled).

4- you wear size 6-9 month clothes! you are very tall and weigh about 16 pounds.

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