Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sharing the Love

Since Ben was a small baby he has been passionate about one thing... books. Ben spoke very early. He was talking in sentences at eighteen months and I think it had much to do with the hundreds if not thousands of books he had read to him by that point. It was ALL he wanted to do. Ben's love of books (and the sound of his own voice...) has grown with his vocabulary and it is not uncommon for him to pile up a stack beside him to go over and "read" on his own for an hour.

Yesterday Ben carefully selected his reading material. Situated himself just so on the couch and then patted his lap.

"Mommy, I need Jacob now".

He wanted to read to his brother.

Not wanting to discourage this milestone moment I quickly plopped Jake (who is now half Ben's size and quickly gaining) on his lap. Ben read to him.

...sort of :)

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