Thursday, February 11, 2010


I forgot that when you are breastfeeding, if you don't eat 37 times a day you feel like you are starving to death.

I drink all day like someone who was just picked up off the Sahara and I eat...oh goodness do I eat.

It seems like I have a bad case of the "Mondays" know..."I'll REALLY start on Monday". I said that on Monday. Ha.

So despite my voracious appetite I did lose a pound this week

(Dear Home,I know that was nothing to write about).

BUT Jacob GAINED a pound this week. This means that every pound I lose...he can gain?

(does it work like that?)

So HE is my diet. He makes me eat like a hippo (I assume they eat alot...) but also takes my weight. What a guy!

Drink up Jakey...Mommy's butt isn't going to lose itself...

The process then might be a little slower than originally intended but I will be healthy and fit when I am done as well and that is always the goal. We are going to walk and walk and walk just as soon as that sidewalk is bare.

ps my wedding rings are on (and I can't get them back off...)

pss we still haven't bathed that gross?

Yes. (I kind of just forgot, it's not like he is dirty...)

pss We still haven't eaten fast food, as per our life long pledge...but we did unanimously decide that Tim Hortens doesn't count. I heard if you give that up you get your health benefits taken away, can be deported to one of those horrible countries that doesn't know what a tim bit is and will be called "Un- Canadian" GASP.


Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

Nursing is a wonderful thing. For the first 4 months of Payton's life I lost about a pound a week despite what i ate. At about 4 months though, it stopped. I stopped loosing weight, and even gained a few lbs. It was so frusturating. I finally got into gear and started cutting back on what I was eating, changing it all to healthy food, and exercising. I have lost another 11 lbs, but as a result, my milk supply is gone. I am lucky if I can nurse him two times a day. I have had to supplement with formula for the past 2 weeks just to give him what he needs. I have tried adding calories, taking tons of supplements, but nothing will bring my milk back. I am so anxious to loose weight, but I am sad that I haven't been able to feed Payton. If your body says eat more, do it! Just pick healthy things.

jjandb said...

Good to know! I do notice a drop in milk if I take out too many calories *like 10...* I want to exlusilvly bf for at least 6 months so I will eat same calories but better choices I think and concentrate on burning the calories I am eating...I take domperridone and that seems to help my milk supply stay up...we will see how it goes!
Thanks for the advice!

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