Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Bath

I decided it was time for Jacob to have a bath...not a wet facecloth in warm water kind of bath but the real "I am three weeks old now" submersion kind of bath.

We got one of these fancy euro tubs that keeps the baby submerged in water so he stays warm and can't fall over (although judging from the mouthful of water Jake got he needs to be a bit bigger before that comes into effect...). Regardless, he hated every second of this. Exactly why I stalled on embarking in this milestone for three weeks.

To premise, Jacob has cried three times in his life. Not when he was born, not when he is so wet his sleeper is soaked, not when he pooped up to his ears, not when Ben threw a car and hit him in the forehead, not when he is hungry.

The first time we heard him howl the most heartbreaking of newborn sobs was when blood was being taken out of his heal for his newborn screening blood tests, the second was at the lab when he had to have four viles of blood taken out of his tiny veins and the sadistic technician had me hold him down after I told her she had one chance to get it right or he wasn't having the test done. I cried harder than he did that time.

The third?

This bath experience.

Back to the warm wash cloths we go...


Vee said...

aaw cutie! Leeah hated her bath too until she was about two months old and then she started loving it. we had the bath as part of our bedtime routine though, so she learnt that bath time is a calm winding down time and she'd cry when we took her out :)

Joel and Janelle said...

Too bad he doesn't like his tummy tub! We've been using it with Benjamin since day 1 and he seems to like it...though I think he's getting a little big now..

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