Sunday, February 14, 2010


Jacob came at a time in Jon's life that is full of commitment, responsibility and conflicted interests. There isn't enough hours in the weeks for him to get what he needs to accomplished. We had planned for a "babymoon" period where our family of three could make the adjustment to a family of four together, without interruption to the bond that happens when a new little member joins a family. Jon was only able to take one day off work when Jacob arrived and has worked very long hours ever since trying to deal with some big changes there.

We miss him.

A lot.

He plans on making this time up in the near future but this time, when a baby is so small and precious and new is fleeting and I know it is hard for him, and the very limited amount of time he has spent with his new son, for circumstances outside his control.

Last night, on our first quiet Saturday evening Jake and Daddy finally got some quality time together.

Jacob, true to his way, stiffened as he changed arms and inhaled deeply before he settled into this new body holding him. He paused and then laid his head down confidently and assuredly to fall asleep on Jon's chest. He knew him. This was Daddy.

Babies are funny sometimes in their resiliency, understanding, patience and wisdom.

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