Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There are Worst Things in Life Than Minivan's

The day you drive a brand spankin' new vehicle off the dealership lot is usually a good one! You breath in that sickly sweet new car chemical aroma and let your eyes glaze over until you open the window- playing with the buttons, opening the glove box (That NO ONE actually keeps gloves in), flipping through the owners manual for the first and last time. It is not something that one usually gets to do many times so when it's time for a new car...its exciting. When we picked up our 2007 Chrysler Caravan in silver with air and sports package however (you know the one that every forth person in the country has) it was not a good day. Jon and I were 25 years old and entering the minivan years prematurely on account of my new daycare. I needed to move kids...this is what vans do. The worst part was that we were trading in our year old Calliber which at the time was the hippest, trendiest new vehicle around. We were on the waiting list for months to get our sleek black model. We loved that vehicle. I miss it, and curse the cheerio covered dented (from backing into a snowbank or another car backing into me in the parking lot? Only me and God know that answer)! van in the driveway that has forced me out of my youthful twenty's too soon. I only started resenting it so much when I stoped doing daycare and lost it's purpose. Now I find myself in my mid twenties, with the desire to be current, ONE child and two years left on a very expensive lease! The mini van is not a valued member of our family, it is unoriginal, horrible on gas and has no trunk space. I feel 35 when I drive it- and the same wiper keeps breaking.

Last night I was going out and Jon took Ben to his parents house in the van. I took Jon's commuter car he drives to work and no where else. It is a ten year old grand prix. This was the third time I drove it. I must have previously been distracted with my dislike for my own vehicle becuase I got a whole different attitude last night. I opened the door to get in and as it creaked noticed the side panel missing from the side of the car. I sat on the cracked leather and had to wait while the automatic seat adjusters (which have like everything else inside, seen better days) took their time bringing up about a foot closer to the steering wheel. I couldn't get the heat to come on at all, but the seat heat was stuck on full so after driving for a few minutes I had to drive alternating bum sides in the air while my fingers froze. I yelped outloud twice going over small pot holes and sewer grates because the car bangs over them, feeling as though we are either going to be swallowed up or the car is going to come apart entirely. I was never so happy to get out of a car. I missed my minivan! I am so lucky to drive a new vehicle with, depending on my preference, cold or hot air in moments. It is clean, works great, is comfortable to drive, takes on even the largest potholes with no notice and has lots of room for all Ben's accesories and a full load of groceries. Jon has never complained with reason over his car, he lets me drive the new one, that doesn't run the risk of breaking down (or falling apart) and always keeps our hands warm, with my radio station on and the seat where I like it even though he is the one who is driving to work. So there are certainly worse things in life then a minivan...and a husband who puts the comfort of his family above his own and just smiles when his wife complains AGAIN about the over priced minivan she has to take to the grocery store.


brandenandrobin said...

Good lesson in appreciation, but I have to say I would personally so prefer broke down and busted to mini van! haha

jjandb said...

Thats hilarious and if your new goal is to comment on all my posts I love your new goal. Tons of people read this blog (so they tell me) but no one EVER (except you Heather!!) comments- some people write me emails though to comment privatly and that as well makes my day!

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