Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20 For 20

Benjamin turned 20 months old today...When someone asked me how old he was yesterday I said "almost 2". Then I immediately recanted and said "no- no- no"! He is ONE!

For old time sake lets do a facts for months, seeing as they are coming to an end. I don't believe you give months for ages after 24 months. When they turn 2...they are 2.

1- We still don't know what to call the colour of Ben's eyes. They are blue on the outside and green on the inside. I have never seen anything like them on anyone else ever.

2- Ben had his first haircut! Drew's girlfriend Amanda did it and it looks adorable.

3- Ben likes to dance and has his parents sense of rhythm.

4- Ben can say about 70-100 words.

5- He uses 2-3 word sentences.

6- He runs everywhere.

7- he is absolutely incapable of sitting still for even one minute.

8- He has two crocheted blankets that he sleeps with over his face- he calls them "blanky and binky".

9- Ben's favorite snacks are raisin rice toast with apple butter and grapes and roasted potato's dipped in pured avocado (it is actually REALLY yummy!)

10- He is using a lot of intonation when he speaks and makes really funny hand gestures and facial expressions.

11- He doesn't use a stroller anymore, when we go for walks he holds my hand or rides his trike.

12- The baby who never slept turned into the toddler who sleeps great! He goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up at 8am, then he naps from 1-4pm. He sleeps so much now sometimes I miss him and bang around outside his room until he wakes up.

13- He drinks A LOT. Regardless of how many times a day I change him he always seems to soak through his diaper.

14- He still loves books more then anything else and the 5 billion that have been read to him at this point likely explain number 4.

15- He loves his family, he doesn't react to anyone the way he does to his extended family.

16- He gives real pursed lip kisses now. You have to really earn them though. Gone are the days where he would kiss anyone on command. If you ask him now for one you will likely hear "No way!".

17- He is a very agreeable, easygoing, likable little boy.

18- Ben has great manners. He always says please and thank you and now has started to say "bless you" and "your welcome".

19- Ben is VERY friendly. He waves and chats to everyone we meet.

20- If I had placed an order for the exact child that I wanted it would have been correct, right down to the dimple in one cheek and the double crown cowlick that won't stay down despite buckets of mommy spit. He is my perfect boy.

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