Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tonights Menu

I am happy to say that day three of whole food eating is complete. I have run three consecutive days now (2 more then I have in the past 3 years...) and dare I say am starting to crave the rainbow of vegetables and fruits that are covering our plates these days. Tonight we had-(I am happy to say I made up all these recipes myself)!

"rainbow salad"

1 bag of cole slaw
1 bag of prewashed spinach salad (just because I am being a health hero doesn't mean I get an extra hour to chop at dinner hour unfortunately...)
1 grated beet
1 grated apple
1/4 cup raisins
crumbled feta cheese
diced avocado

freshly squeezed OJ
cider vinegar
olive oil

Mediterranean pasta

sauteed frozen Mediterranean mix in lots of garlic
one bag of rice pasta fettuccine noodles
1 jar of organic pasta sauce

Roasted Sweet potato sprinkled with salt, pepper, Cinnamon and tiny dab of butter (NOT margarine...its 2 molecules away from plastic!)

Both Ben and Jon loved everything and cleaned their plates! (Jon didn't even notice it was vegatarian!)


brandenandrobin said...

oh my holy heck that sounds soo gross. you are a better person than I! and I am amazed at your husband and son. Jack will eat anything, but Branden would barf then laugh at me!

jjandb said...

AHHHHH Robin you are to honest- it was actually all REALLY good- I swear!

Eujean said...

LOL!!! Robin - you are SO hilarious!!!

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