Friday, April 24, 2009


I have a VITAMIX -or more accurately my parents bought a $500.00 piece of kitchen equipment that sat in their basement for a year until I got it into my possession and fell in love with it. Now they will have to pry it out of my dead hands if they want it back. Anyhow regardless of how I came to have one, I do, and I love it! If the house was on fire I would take my baby and my VITAMIX (in that order). One may be initially put off by the price but this is not your ordinary blender/food pressor. I would sell your stove to buy one! Here are only a few things the VITAMIX 5000 Total Nutrition Center can do for you;

ice cream
baby food
juice (just dump in whole fruit with water)
any sauces
pesto (I made that the first time yesterday so it was nut free)
chicken salad
dice, chop or puree anything!

(see to be completely wowed- but not you mom and dad!)

I use my VITAMIX everyday for something...lately I have been making the most delicious smoothies- you could probably make this in a regular blender if you feel you aren't quite ready to part with your stove.

1 cup mixed frozen berried
1 cup vanilla rice milk
6 ice cubes
.5t cinnamon
half scoop of rice protein powder
1/4 t fish oil
1/4 pro biotic powder


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CHER said...

I can only wish....

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