Thursday, April 23, 2009

Start Your Day off Right

two unexpected things happened this morning. I woke up CRAVING my oatmeal that I have started eating each day (Ben loves it too!) I remembered the combination topping of my childhood (which also started off most days in the same way) which consisted of vanilla, rice milk, Cinnamon and maple syrup (unless my mom was feeling especially chipper and plunked the brown sugar on the table). It was delicious.

We topped off our breakfast of champions with a spelt flour (an ancient grain better tolerated then wheat by most people) applesauce and cinnamon raisin muffin.


The second is that I STOPPED craving junk! I often wondered while in was in denial why if spinich and berries and turkey and lemon water were sooooooo good for you, why was my body not so interested in them and pulling me towards boxed cookies and sugary cereal?

As it turns out, when I ate only whole foods (the definition of a whole food is that the only ingredient of the food is the can combine these foods though with other whole foods) I stopped craving anything else after only 3 days! It seems you only crave refined sugar when you eat refined sugar. It sounds crazy but the avacodo, beet and apple salad in my fridge is calling my name louder then the ice cream in my freezer.

The best part? I feel AMAZING!!!


CHER said...

Good job! It sounds like you are doing awesome!

jjandb said...

That sounds very much like a "Yaaaaaa breastfeeding" comment, but I so appriciate the effort:)

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