Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ben is going through a picky phase at the moment. He will eat as it stands on Thursday morning (it will be different a day from now...even an hour from now) grapes, peaches, roasted potatoes, avocado, raisin toast and muffins. Muffins, of "muffy's" have been a standard hit and as long as they retain their muffin shape I seem to be able to put anything in them. The last batch were made from flax meal, blueberry's, applesauce, rice protein, honey and spelt flour. I also add a pro biotic powder and fish oil. He gobbled them up- amazing! I feel reasured then even though otherwise he has only eaten five foods in the last week... I hope his appetite picks up soon, but until then we still have our Muffy's with loads of possibilities.

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