Saturday, August 9, 2008

Such Tourists

I was excited to have Jon and Ben meet some family they had not met yet while in Nova Scotia and also play tour guide. I thought I knew my way around pretty well since I have gone most summers of my life. When flipping through the tourist magazine we ordered before we left I realized I had not been to some places I would be interested in seeing as an adult and ones I did see when I was too young to really remember. I jumped aboard the tourvan and let my parents lead the way! They did an awesome job at giving us a vacation to remember. With the generosity of my grandparents who let us use their home to stay in and my parents who took us everywhere, showed us lots of great sights, took us out for amazing food and gave us use of their car...AND a Nanny and Aunt who kept the food coming we were set! We also had some great weather thrown in for good measure even though the forecast was rain everyday. This is the recipe for a great vacation.

I don't think we could have packed more in a day if we tried! We went to Port George, Middleton, Greenwood, Kempville, Annapolis, Wolfville, Peggy's Cove, Halifax, Lunnenberg, Pictou, stellerton and more!

We had LOTS of fish and chips, Jon tried lobster...Drew finished it, we had our fill of pie, strawberry shortcake and warm buns (I just drooled on the keyboard!)

We went on horse drawn tours, shopped at adorable stores and Jon and Drew even went whale watching (where they mostly saw seals...this made Jon happy as he likes seals better anyhow!). Most importantly we saw lots of the rugged shoreline we came for.

10 days could not have gone by any faster. We blinked and it was time to say goodbye. We didn't do all the things we wanted to or see enough of the people we wanted to visit. There is then, only one solution... we have to go again next summer!!

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