Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ben's 1st birthday party!

Ben celebrated his first birthday today with friends and family. In the future we may celebrate Ben's birthday in September however as we found out this year that most people are away at the end of reunions seem to top the list.
We were glad that many people were able to attend and help us celebrate the big 0-1 with our little boy, including 4 day old Henry!

Eric Traplin, a local children's entertainer preformed and Ben enjoyed the bubble machines he brought with him. Jon wore a rock star wig and was a bass player in the band which I am pretty certain full filled number 106 on his life's "to do" list.

I was so glad that Ben dove right into his cake and ate almost half of it on his own!!! It was a wheat, egg and dairy free cake with apple butter but it was his first taste of sugar and I think he is hooked!

I did not bawl during happy birthday as I anticipated I would as it was not his real birthday...come next week however the waterworks will begin. I am already feeling awfully nostalgic.

I think the party was a success...and we took a lot of pictures since Ben won't remember a thing!

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