Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Meet Ben...Ben Meet Family

It was very exciting to introduce Ben to his extended family that he had yet to meet. Ben is lucky to have 10 grandparents in total, including his great grandparents...Whew! That is a lot of Ben love to go around!
Ben seems to instinctively know when a relationship with someone is meant to be more then fleeting or short term. Friends of mine that he sees on a constant basis he is not that interested but have a grand parent show up at the door and he wiggles with happiness as he outstretches his arms and lets his mouth open with a happy grin. It didn't take long before Ben was giving his Great Grandparents the same reaction. He is definitely a fan of the grandparent!

Ben was also lucky enough to meet four great Aunts. Three of my Mother's sisters and one of my dad's sisters. He especially enjoyed his visits to their homes as they each offered something unique...a version of rocky (my grandparents dog who although sweet would potentially trample Ben in his excitement) who he could pet, chickens, (he has never seen these before!) flower garden's with an aunt and nanny who didn't mind if he popped some heads off the flowers and a lake. Ben took it all in and was always ready to meet the next person or place on our list.

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