Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Highchair Struggle Continues

Ben does not like to sit still in anything, including strollers, carts, the bath and most of all his highchair. He likes to eat although he prefers to stand up in the chair as he does it and if he gets away with it on top of the kitchen table. I have tried letting him sit on the kitchen floor with his bowl of food but he generally smears it rather then eat it. My mom and I lucked into finding great clip on highchairs that attach to the kitchen table (it supports his weight if it supported Jon hanging off of it when he didn't believe it would). We both got one and Ben will sit in it because his feet can touch the chair below it and thus gives him the thrill of standing at the table. He is for now back to eating well... and I have stopped, for now, pulling my hair out.

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