Saturday, August 9, 2008

11 Facts for 11 Months

I did not forget, we were still in Nova Scotia when Ben turned 11 months old. Part of being on vacation was being as media free as we could. We did not watch tv or go on the computer ( I only checked my email three-five okay ten times but that was REALLY good for me!!!) so I couldn't blog while we were away.

1- Ben has a full head of hair finally. It is eerily perfect hair. Many babies have hair that grows in randomly or with one long piece that falls in their eyes or sticks straight up. Ben looks like he just came from a barber all the time. Each hair if perfect.

2- Ben has his 4 top teeth now and 2 bottom teeth. He has been a great teether for the most part and woke up only once crying in the night recently with them. After a trip to the dentist he sent me home with Ben's first little baby toothbrush. Very cute.

3- He is becoming a picky eater. Fortunately his diet is pretty healthy so it's not that he will only eat chicken nuggets, fruit punch and cheese slices but it's that he will only eat rice bread with apple butter, cheerios, pears and grapes. Anything else lately he will slap my hand away. I put some vegetables, chicken and rice in the food processor to see if maybe he didn't want more grown up food. One offering of the spoon and a quick splattering of my big boy meal made with love all over me later I had my answer. I guess is could be worse...I will let him have his rice toast and count my blessings.

4- he wears size 18 month clothes.

5- Ben was sitting at the picnic table eating his imitation cheerios (made with potato flour and cost a small fortune). I looked at him and he grinned up at me swinging his legs under the table. Where did my baby go?! He has grown up so quickly I am trying to savour the moments of babyhood that are now so fleeting. He will be running before we know it.

6- I wish Ben would walk! It is not a matter or can, it's will. Ben has been ready to walk for months now but is so busy climbing things that he has not put it on his to do list. I know my job will only get harder as he gets faster and more mobile but he is into everything as it is and if he could walk he could be put down at all the places he squirms to be free in like the park, stores, sidewalks etc that he can't always crawl around on.

7- Ben is extremely busy. From the moment his eyes open his body is moving. There are not many occasions where he will let me just sit and hold him anymore, except at bedtime. Our routine has always been either Daddy or I bath him, sing to him, read 3 books (although lately it's 10!) and say prayers then he gets a bottle and rocked to sleep. I will continue to rock him to sleep as his legs dangle down mine until he will not let me anymore. He relaxes his body so complete and wiggles in as closely as he can while watching me as he drifts of. It is my most treasured time of day and I will make no effort at hiding the tears the day he says "no mommy" to our nightly ritual.

8- Ben LOVES books. He especially loves books with flaps you can lift open and say "peekaboo" to. He will sit on a lap to look at books as long as someone is willing to read them. It is definitely something I am trying to encourage in him and am so pleased he, like his father and I, is a book lover. Recently he has started to take them down off the shelf and look at them himself. He will dare I risk saying it... sit quietly for up to 20 minutes flipping very gently through his books, smiling to himself and occasionally laughing out loud when something strikes him funny!

9- Ben loves to be outdoors, now that we have a fence in our backyard which is wonderful Ben can crawl around freely and he does exploring every inch.

10- Ben is communicating very effectively now. In between his shrieks, grunts and screams of displeasure he is slowly figuring out a more effective way of getting what he wants ( I try to walk away when he screams at me for something...a- because I don't want him to think that is how to get what he wants as he has other means of communicating his wants and b- because I don't want him to see me trying not to laugh...his tantrums are hilarious though! ...I know, mean Mommy!) Yesterday he crawled over to me and sweetly said "mum mum?" and pointed to the cupboard!!!! Oh my goodness what a breakthrough, I felt like Anne Sullivan!

11- Ben's Mommy thinks that she has the cutest, sweetest, smartest and funniest 11 month, soon to be 12 month old there ever was and wonders what on earth she did to deserve such a great little boy!

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