Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nova Scotia Vacation

I was nervous the days leading up to our flight. Ben does not love being in the car and he as of late hates anything that qualifies as a ride on toy- tractors, fourwheelers, rides at the mall, play bouncing horses at the park or his rocking cow. As soon as you sit him on one of these things the usual easy going and adventurous Ben howls until you take him off. I was very afraid he would classify the airplane as one of these huge ride on toys. My fears went unsubstantiated as he was wonderful and lucky for us our pride and joy was a dream traveller. He loved his great grandparents (loved my grandfather so much he couldn't help but yank his hair, grab his glasses and bite im everytime he got near one point he picked up his cane and whacked him with it...out of love of course...), the ocean, travelling to new places and being with mom and dad 100% of the time (he is now more of an attention adict then ever!) We went many places and thus spent many hours in the car. It seems if I am sitting beside him with books, snacks and an off key singing voice he is content to sit there as long as required. Who Knew?!
I am looking forward to travelling again soon now that I know he is so adaptable!

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