Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sega Continues...

"Sucks to your Asthmar!" - to Piggy, Lord of the Flies

Ben has his pediatrician appointment today. Dr. Kyale was very thorough with Ben and went over everything for about 45 minutes. She diagnosed him with Asthma unfortunately as well as bad eczema that is infected in spots. We are happy to have a diagnosis though and have a plan to get him well again. I was feeling bad about this diagnosis (and being his mother, going over every way which I MUST have caused this...)Dr. Kyale sent us over to the hospital to have a ventalin mask and in the pediatric ward there was many more much sicker babies. I felt better then- it could be so much worse. We can deal with this. Another unfortunate element is that his asthma is allergy triggered. It starts with Eczema and manifests itself then in his breathing. Now I can eat only rice, vegetables and meat until we figure out the triggers. I was very worried about this being the case with him as both my brother,Jon, his brother and myself had food allergies as children. Let me tell you this can take all the fun right out of birthday parties!
The worst allergy related story that comes to mind is one afternoon in second grade. I had just started a new school and we were sent out in the hall to get our lunches.
My meals were pretty bland and flavourless and too good for you for the most part so when I opened my lunch bag to find the lunch of my dreams I thought it was the best day ever. I didn't know what to eat first- the peanut butter sandwich on real white bread? the chocolate chip cookies? The fruit snacks I had often daydreamed about in the grocery store? No, I would eat the vanilla cupcake (when had my mom lost her mind and baked these?!) I picked it up, mouth watering and unfolded the napkin. My heart dropped, " Hi Megan- Have a great day! mom xo" Those words haunt me to this day! It was only then that I tuned into the sobs echoing the classroom. I looked across the room to see the identical lunchbox on "Megan's" desk. She was crying over it's contents. I knew without looking what it held... plain rice cakes with a natural fruit spread, lots of vegetables, a snack bag filled with puffed rice cereal and a desert of dried apricots...I felt my eyes well up at the thought of giving her back her lunch, which eventually I did...minus one cupcake!

At least Ben will never try those things to have them taken away. He won't know what he is missing and will believe that dried apricots really are treats!

On another up note...Jon got us a new camera! Pitures to come soon!

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Heather said...

Oh Jenn, what a story from your childhood! poor girl! Sorry about Ben, but I'm glad you know what's going on now!

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