Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bayley's Haircut

Bayley has not has a professional haircut in almost a year. Shameful I know- but before you think we are neglectful dog owners understand why...
We brought Bayley to Petcetra, a large petstore chain for his grooming appointment after we got him. We dropped off a friendly, happy go lucky black furball and got back a shaved, sullen, withdrawn and depressed dog who would not come near us, go outside or eat for about 3 days. I had thought they had given us the wrong dog as he was totally unrecognizable and didn't even seem to know who we were. He spent most of his time licking his "little boy parts" where we noticed they had cut him with the razor. It looked like it was getting infected so we put some antibacterial cream on it and.... a diaper! I know I know this was crual to add to his torment but it was the only way to keep him from licking. We never laughed as hard, but not when he was watching of course!
This time we decided to take him to an independently run groomers that came recomended. Bayley had the works after I gave them my disclaimer about why I was bringing him in the state he was. He seems much happier as he lost half his body weight in hair and smells so nice I don't mind him on the couch. He isn't sulky or withdrawn and best of all...doesn't have to wear a diaper this time!

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