Monday, January 21, 2008

Bad Weekend

Jon and I came down with the stomach flu on Saturday. It is awful! Poor Ben started having diarrhea that night and by 5:30 Sunday morning we thought maybe a trip to the ER was in order to make sure he wasn't dehydrated. Since I wasn't making enough milk, he wouldn't take a bottle and was having very watery, frequent diapers this could be a possibility. Jing Jing made a comeback to help out since we were both too weak to even pick him up! Ben was seen pretty quickly which was a good thing since Jon and I weren't going to last too long ( Jon was even sick in the parking garage...gross!). Ben was okay, the nurse told us to just give him some pedialite and come back if he stopped eating completely or got a fever. On a positive note he did decide to roll over for the first time on the hospital bed and has been doing it like a champ ever since- 2 days before he turns five months old!

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