Friday, September 25, 2009

A Walk in the Park

A friend joined me for some last of park play while the weather is still nice. The red and runny noses of our toddlers proved these days are nearing the end. She sent me some shots of Ben that she snapped today. We are getting this camera for Christmas this year ( may recall when we bought it last year- on credit...against our marital rules; a joint lapse in judgement...we came to our senses again less then half way home and returned it). I am excited to beautify my blog pages in a way the only a Cannon Rebel can...the camera of my amateur dreams (amateur as in I would be lucky at this point if I knew how to turn it on...but I will learn!- I have motivating subjects!)

I especially enjoy the walk to and from the park with Ben. It is about 10 minutes each way and long enough for him to jabber away about many topics. It gives me an uninterrupted glance into what is going on his head...a lot as it turns out. Goodness the boy can talk...his mother can barely get a word in, and this we know is quite a feat.

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