Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Handy (little) Man

Ben has discovered tools! Gramma came across Jon's old set and passed them on to Ben's delight. By his birthday he had graduated from his vintage Fischer price set to a full set of Dewalt tools just his size. He spends a portion of every day inside and out fixing "stuff". He knows the name of all the tools and what each one of them do. I have even found him sneaking into the garage this week to get into daddy's tools...I suppose chain locks are in order on the tops of our doors now that he has mastered the deadbolt- maybe I should have him install them!

1 comment:

brandenandrobin said...

hahaha thats soo cute I love it! We got Jack some tools, but he just uses the screwdriver to stir in whatever open container he can find and then pretends to eat off it.. not so into the fixing of stuff yet! He's an odd one.

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