Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grins and Giggles Compliments of You Know Who...

Ben oozes a type of precociousness that makes us laugh daily. He is quick with his two year old opinion and is not easy to reason with (I have NO idea where he gets this from...). He is demanding and expressive with a big ol mind of his own. Here are some recent gems...

***Ben has many words of his own, affectionately called "Beneez"

Some of my favorites...

Oatmeal "meat meat meal"
Medicine "medicincation"
Lobsters "water cows"
Bib "Boo Boo"
belly button "tummy button"

***Tonight I said "goodnight Benny, I love you". I shut the door and waited for the usual "night night mommy" through the door. Instead I heard a sob of protest that quickly turned into a hickuppy wail. Unlike him, I opened the door again- "What is it Ben?"

"Mommy say "sweetheart"... he chocked out.

ohhhhh "Goodnight sweetheart, I love you".
"Night night Mommy".

*** Ben has a new nut free trail mix he enjoys snacking on with seeds and dried fruit, complete with little dairy free chocolate chips. He was eating a bowl of them in his chair this afternoon contentedly and I half noticed him put the empty plate on the counter. A little while later he came up to me picking his nose that had dark brown matter caked around his nostril. He was picking at it with his finger and promptly putting it his mouth. I thought perhaps he had suffered his first nose bleed as a result of said nose picking and it was dried blood around his nose. I grabbed his finger before round two and he protested "No Mommy!" and tried to get back to his nose. I could smell his finger at that point and realized it was in fact chocolate. I suppose he thought that his nose was a good a place as any to store the rare treat. Judging from the amount I could see when I tilted his head back...there were more then a few up there, melted and dripping out slowly to be caught by his finger and popped in his mouth. I tried to dig out as much as I could with a Kleenex (to his yells to the contrary) and was grateful for the inevitable sneezing fit that ensued, spraying more then a few chips worth of chocolate out. I hope this is not the start of something new!

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Laura D. Barton-Eady said...

Man when I read your blog I think to myself, where did she get this amnazing boy? I want one! Ben is like the best ever!

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