Friday, September 11, 2009

And Ben Learns to Manipulate...

Ben had a checkered red sheet on his bed when he went down for a nap yesterday.

"Mommy, fire truck sheet on"?

"Next time you need new sheets we will put on the firetruck ones, these ones are still clean".

He laid down and that was I thought. Little did I know he had begun plotting.

Late last night (for a two year old) Jon and I hear

"Mommy Daddy- Mommy Daddy I NEED YOU". He usually only says this when in fact he really does in fact need us so Jon went up.

"Jenn I need you"!

These are not words I like to hear.

I walk in to see Jon taking off the less favorable red sheets and Ben standing in a puddle of urine, holding a dry diaper in one hand and his pajama bottoms in his other hand.

We have discussed the privilege of wearing two piece pajamas to bed (they come with dump trucks, superman and fire engines and are more desirable then one piece jammies with nothing of note on them.

"Ben do you take your diaper off in your bed?"

"NOOOOOOOOO"! " That make mommy sad. That make Daddy sad. That make Grammie sad".

"You're right Ben, you keep our diaper on if you want to wear digger jammies".


I pick him up to put his diaper back on and he is avoiding eye contact.

"mommy sad now?" he asks without looking at me.

" Yes Ben, peeing in your bed does make mommy a little sad because I know you know not to do that".

"Sowwy Mommy".

He says nothing for a moment and finally looks at me with his tongue literally in his cheek and his eyes shifting to the side.

"Firetruck sheets on bed now?"


Jamiesjourney said...

heehee...what a funny story. He knows what he wants ;)

Fergie Fru Baby said...

That is way tooo cute!!!

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