Monday, September 28, 2009

"Mr. Beebs"

Ben has a new best is a tiger that uncle Drew got him as a gift when he was a baby. It has been in the stuffed animal box pretty much ever since until he made an appearance last week. Ben dotes on this tiger. He basically gives him the ideal two year old life. Every request is met with "SURE!" (he will yell this out randomly and I assume that the tiger has made a request). He reads to him, plays with him, encourages him, pets him and doesn't ever make him nap. When Ben goes for his nap I ask him if he wants to bring the tiger...he says "No... he watch movies".

When he woke up yesterday he was looking around frantically for "Mistah Beebs". ???? I didn't know what language he was speaking let alone what he was looking for. He got more and more desperate until I opened the toy cupboard and there lay his precious tiger. "MISTAH BEEBS!" I have no idea where this name came from but perhaps as grandma suggested it is similar to "Mr. Neeb"? He clung to him...offended on his behalf that he spend the night in a cupboard. Mr. Beebs is now a part of our family. In Calvin and Hobbes fashion they consult, wrestle, dance and fight. Ben will throw him suddenly to the floor only to be overcome with guilt a moment later and sadly proclaim his apologies.
"Ohhh sorry Mr. Beebs! I so sorry! I kiss it now". And there they will sit.

Ben and Mr. Beebs favorite activity is snacking, where Ben will sit him at the table and make him snack after snack to which it appears Mr. Beebs enjoys a great deal.

They read books together over and over again. Ben will have Mr. Beebs hand him a book and then say "Oh thank you for helpin' me Mistah Beebs!"

My favorite "Mr. Beebs moment" so far would have to be when they finished eating thier fifth plastic snack and Ben put his chin in his hands and looked at Mr. Beebs. "What now sweetie"? he said.

It was too much cute to stand!!!

It is an interesting social observation. Ben practices the social skills and norms he is learning on someone other then his parents and peers, who don't always co operate with his desires. I am pleased to say that he is sweet, kind and considerate in his interactions with his "friend".

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Heather said...

SO adorable, Jenn!!!

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