Friday, March 26, 2010


While I was downstairs I left Jacob in his bassinet upstairs in the family room with Ben. This is what I heard;

"Hi baby Jacob. I am Ben. You are Baby Jacob. We are brothers. You see the firetruck? Here. You see the amleeance? Here. You see the police car? Here. I like all these cars. Yup. I do. I show you these fings. I show you alllllll the fings. Okay Baby Jacob?"

Oh my, the firsts of many moments I wished for are coming daily now. As I imagined them growing together as brothers these are the treasures I will hold close to my heart as the two boys I love fall in love with each other. I hope Ben will always be as loving, compassionate and kind to "his baby" as he is today. I hope Jacob always looks at him with those big blue eyes as awestruck as he does today.

This morning Jacob was crying in the car seat. Really crying. This is a very rare occurrence and I am not sure Ben has even experienced this before that moment.

"Please-a Mommy. Baby Jacob is crying so much. Please-a help him Mommy"!

When I explained that I would certainly help him just as soon as I was able to stop the van he proceeded to explain this softly, sweetly and gently to his brother.

"It's okay Baby Jacob. Mommy is going to get you your Nuby (soother), then you will feel better, okay?"

Jacob stopped crying.

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Hands Full said...

This is so sweet! Eli is the same with Silas, and I just love it.

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