Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 Months Old

Jacob! This is your Mother speaking- STOP GROWING THIS INSTANT!!!!

I took Ben and Jake to a play gym this morning and when I told a woman who asked his age she said "Oh my he is awfully smiley and alert for only 2 months, what a big boy"!

Then I smacked her mouth.

Just kidding. But I wanted to. She put an end to my denial. The squishy newborn was a thing of last week. On a positive note this week brought coos and smiles that melt my heart and make my eyes well up (because as we know I am the suckiest of sucks when it pertains to these little boys).

So here are two facts for two months...

1- Jacob is gorgeous. Seriously not just because I am his Mommy do I say this. I can stare at this kid all day. He is so detailed... so cherubic looking, there is just no other way to describe him. Of course even though I know it, I still like hearing it so don't stop telling me. I won't let it go to his head, I promise.

2- What a gentle, sweet little spirit he is. He is so soft and quiet. He rarely makes a peep, very rarely cries and when he does it is a polite little whimper as if to say "I am so sorry to have bothered you, if you get a spare moment I was wondering if I couldn't trouble you for some food..." (in my head he has a British accent...just so you know). I can't wait to see who this little boy grows into!

Oh Jakey... stay mommy's little squishy baby forever. Okay?

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Laura D. Barton-Eady said...

I can totally see him speaking in a British accent. As for being the cutest baby, I think he needs to share that with his older twin Ben. But maybe we will give Ben the big boy award since he is no longer a baby (I don't want to offend him as I am sure he is sure he is a big boy).

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