Sunday, August 9, 2009

Talking with Ben

Ben developed a phobia of bugs at grammie and Grandad's house because there were so many more there then at our house. We don't have any bugs because of the large population of bull frogs in our pond behind our house. I didn't realize this until Ben started having a fit every time a fly got close to him. "BEEEEEE!!!" he would scream. "KILL IT!!!" What?? how does he even know what that means? Although this does sound kind of familiar as my reaction to a spider...

We tried to teach him instead to say "Shoo fly, stop bugging me". In a nicer voice (rather then screeching a death order). His interpretation is to say "shoo buggin me" in this funny falsetto. I recorded it for blog entertainment.


remember to turn your volume on full.

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