Monday, August 3, 2009

If It's Got An Engine, It's Good

Ben LOVES vehicles. He is not particular, as long as it has an engine and wheels he has interest. I now know more about diggers, bulldozers, fire engines, tractors, combine harvesters, trains, buses, transport trucks, motorcycles and race cars then I ever thought I would. It is the large majority of book topics we read (again and again and again...) the puzzles he wants to do and the toys he wants to play with. This means it has also been the theme of our summer. Ben and I walk to the nearest construction site or road work location and watch the machines at work. He will sit completely still and in awe as he watches them work. (I have been known to bring a magazine...) We have visited a farm and sat in a tractor, follow the garbage truck around the block on Tuesday mornings, rode a steam engine train, sat on diggers, climbed in a firetruck and gone on a ride in a transport truck. Of course now that he has had an up close and personal look at so many vehicles every time he sees one parked he declares "Ben drive it now!"

If I were to predict his future occupation based on his passion at age twenty three months old I would have to say he will be a garbage truck driver by morning, a delivery truck driver by afternoon, a snow plow operator by winter and a firefighter on the weekends. Of course if we were committed to our career choices as toddlers I imagine there would be many more cowboys, princess's and astronauts then we could handle.

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