Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half Baked!

The Newest addition, at 20 weeks old has come to life in that last few weeks. The punches a little stronger, the kicks a little more obvious and a tummy much more rounded. I really enjoy being pregnant. It is the only time I am not overly critical of my body but fully supportive of it and the mission it is accomplishing so capably. I am proud that it can do this. So proud in fact that I don't even really mind the stretch marks, bloat and swollen ankles that come with it. I feel tired a lot of the time but good heaven's I am growing a person! Why wouldn't I feel tired. I think I could do this ten more times...but Jon says he will NOT drive one of those super vans, okay fine I get that. Our van will seat 8 though...I'm just saying as long as they keep turning out so great I say we not put a cap on numbers now shall we? The first time I experience morning sickness though...I have a feeling that will be a deal breaker.

In two days we will find out if we are having a he or a she. Please don't sigh and say "But you are ruining the surprise!!!" We are indeed very excited to be surprised...on Friday. Today we don't know...Friday we will...SURPRISE! I just like getting my surprise at the halfway mark. I enjoy decorating the bedroom, thinking about this baby more accurately and know with clothes because babies NEED 700 outfits to get them through their first year. I read that somewhere. I swear. Because we are preparing Ben to be a big brother I think it would help him know if he will have a sister or a brother. Without exception when asked he says we are having a "guuul baby". We shall see...

Ben actually understands far more then we realized. He used to insist that the baby was in Mommy's arm but he has finally accepted that babies grow in Mommy's tummy (actually we taught him to say uterus because it makes us laugh...). When I was having a 2 am chat (when he decided the hours between 11pm until 4:30 am were no longer for sleeping...?!) with Benny the other night we were discussing this very thing. It went like this;

"Are you excited to be a big brother?"
"Where is the baby now?"
"There" Pointing to Mommy's tummy.
"What is the baby doing"?
"Swimming"! (We had not told him this)
"Very good Ben! You are right! Who told you that?"

I had better intentions of keeping up with belly shots but this is probably going to be as good as it is going to get; a self portrait in the bathroom with an automatic flash I don't know how to turn off...


brandenandrobin said...

this is an adorable pregnancy picture!!

jess said...

Contratulations hunnybun! You look so beautiful in that pic, love the little bump. If you are looking for baby stuff I work with exchange and mart were there are lots of items listed for babies if you are after a bargain. Best of luck for the labour and future, good blogging with you

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