Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ben's Birthday Letter 2009

Benjamin Alexander, you turned two years old today. Because you are two it means you eat with a metal fork now, you tell mommy you need to poop in the potty (but never actually do…) and play for hours in your sandbox. You say “ I lube you” and melt our hearts. You know the names of all your dinky cars and construction and farm vehicles including the difference between a combine harvester and a grader. Mommy does too, thanks to you. You are getting used to people telling you at every turn how sweet, adorable, brilliant and beautiful you are, you always look at Mommy because you know I will be beaming.

Because you are two you get time outs for throwing blocks and love Thomas the Tank engine and Spot the dog. You can hop and dance and sing the wheels on the bus, and You are My Sunshine. You can sit through church without screaming now (if I bring enough snacks..). You love Apple butter on everything and dip your grapes in ketchup. You count to eleven and know most of your alphabet. You love to do puzzles and can swing in a swing as long as someone will push you. You fix things with your tool box and need Mommy to kiss your head when you bump it. The highlight of your week is when the garbage man gives you a sticker…12:45 Tuesday mornings…we can’t miss it. You love anything with an engine and have recently discovered on a new level that Daddy is the most fun person in the whole world.

Because you are two you don’t have any arm rolls left. Your hands are not as chubby and you have a full head of blond curls. You have conversations with your broad and impressive vocabulary with Mommy at 2 am about things that go through your little head. I hope you always feel you can talk to me this way. Your feelings get hurt easily and your laugh is contagious. You are very ticklish and love to be chased. You can climb the big ladders at the park now and go down the tallest slides. You are so happy.

Because you are two you understand a lot, sometimes more then we realize. You wake up every morning with a smile on your face. You are very polite and always remember your manners, You are sensitive to the feelings of those around you and are quick to apologize without prompting when you make a mistake, this shows strength of character you know… You have compassion and empathy at times I did not know possible in a boy your age. You are a good friend. You are loving, sweet and affectionate.

Because you are two your personality is beginning to shine even brighter. You are an amazing person. Because you are two you are going to be a big brother. Your baby is so lucky. You are not too old to give your old mom a good cuddle. You say things that make Daddy and I laugh long after you have gone to bed. Your favourite foods are raspberry’s, fruit freezies and toast.

Because you are two you wear two piece pyjamas now but still sleep with your “blankie” in a crib because you didn’t want a bed (we asked). Because you are two you are very independent at times and love to let us know when "Ben dood it”! You also know when you need Mommy and Daddy (MommyDaddy MommyDaddy I NEED you”!) You still have that big dimple in your cheek and eyes I cannot stop staring into while I try to make up a name for the stunning shade of green blue they are.

Everyday I thank God for you. Every day you make me happy.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Ben.

I love every inch of you and every moment of being your Mother,



The Blakeneys said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN!! Can't believe you are 2 already. And congratulations on soon becoming a big brother to another sweet little boy! Lucky guy -- both of you. :)
We love you and think you're sweet, even if we've never met you in person. Happy Birthday! xo

Jamiesjourney said...

Happy BIrthday! Jen...this is such a lovely letter. What a great way to capture this time for him!

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