Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Family Portrait

I went to a friends house after school frequently when I was in grade school. On the wall leading upstairs was a family history of portraits beginning with her parents wedding photograph. Every year the changes in the families size and growth was well documented on this wall. Her Mother made certain they were all wearing matching outfits for these professionally shot memories. They were in black frames and hung in chronological order. I remembered thinking I would have a wall of memories in my home one day.

I am failing.

This year there was a free photo session at the market. You could pick up your shot and in return if you were happy with it, the photographer simply asked you to pass along her name (which of course I forget entirely...). I am afraid this picture with my windblown hair, our clashing outfits and our embarrassed smiles as 20 some people looked on is going to mark the portrait of 2009.


chelseyfaye said...

Ben's smile is absolutely adorable! Its not only a free family picture, but you got him to smile!! I like it!

jjandb said...

It's horrible lol!!! IT is the worst family pic ever!!! (I am aware that I also have the worst haircut ever but it is in the growing out stage...) Ben as always saves it though!

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