Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Missing Chin

Jon and I had a lot of fun playing Mary and Joseph in our church's Christmas event this year. We held a tour through first century Bethlehem to show the events leading up to and including Christ's birth. It was a big undertaking with a cast and crew of almost 200. We were happy to be apart of it. I was not happy however that Jon was so committed to his role of Joseph that he wanted to grow a beard. I am not a fan of facial hair and had to put up with Jon's since the beginning of November. The night we wrapped (it went on each night for a week) despite how late it was I would not let Jon come to bed without a naked took him a while to get there though as he tried out briefly every facial hair style there is between full beard and clean shaven, I captured a few...I am glad the old Jon is back! Isn't he cute:)

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