Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Preacher and His Good Book

Ben stole a Bible on Sunday (just take a moment to linger in the irony of this for a moment)...

He found the red covered pocket size edition in the pew shelf that holds the hymn books in front of us. Ben carefully flipped through it for the better part of the service which we were happy with since A- it is a bible and B- it is very difficult to find ANYTHING that will keep him occupied and not shouting and throwing things for the hour.

When we got home Ben quickly went over to my church bag and got out the little red bible...obviously stashed their on purpose. The little bible thief now carries the thing around with him EVERYWHERE. He mutters under his breath gibberish while he flips the pages and occasionally will yell out and wave it around in the air...I am not sure where he would ever have seen this. It is hilarious and although the plan was to return it this Sunday we may wait if is is not missed to replace it first!

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